Book Club

In partnership with Townie Books, Firebird presents Jimmy’s Book Club! Resident book enthusiast Jimmy Utley leads a monthly discussion of plays that have had an impact not only on the theatrical world, but the social world as well. Emphasis will be placed on variety, with classic and contemporary selections, authors with varied backgrounds, interesting thematic concepts, different genres, etc. You can pick up a copy of the month’s selection at Townie Books, give it a good read, and then come to Jimmy’s discussion for a fun and fascinating conversation about these amazing plays and playwrights.

On the heels of Firebird’s production of David Ives’ All in the Timing comes another Ives play, the funny, provocative, and intelligent Venus in Fur.
Details below:

April 2024 Firebird Book Club
Wednesday, Apr. 17th, 6:30pm
Townie Books (414 Elk Ave. in Crested Butte)
April’s selection will be:
Venus in Fur
by David Ives
approx. time to read: 60-90 mins

Venus in Fur by David Ives (All in the Timing) follows an audition for a modern-day play based on the nineteenth-century novel Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose name gives us the word “masochism.” Play director Thomas initially writes off the auditioning actress Vanda as a shallow airhead, but Thomas quickly discovers that Vanda is more than who she appears to be. Over the course of the audition, reality and fiction blend together as their real relationship mirrors the characters in Masoch’s novel. Theatrical and gender roles are reversed, power dynamics are turned upside down, and Venus has her revenge in Venus in Fur!

Mark your calendars, grab a copy of the play at Townie’s, give it a read and come on the 17th for some fascinating discussion!