What’s All This, Then? is a recurring comedy show where 4 panelists bring a bevy of banter, a wealth of wordplay, and a party of puns! Our panelists will prepare a number of groaners and clever repartee for games set by the host, David Flora, and endure the silly, somewhat embarrassing, and always entertaining challenges and surprises that change with every show! What’s All This, Then? features four local actors who are challenged to several different word-based games. Are puns the highest form of literature, or the lowest form of art? No matter where you land on this important debate, there is something in this show for you. Imagine a mixture of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, the board game Balderdash, and slide whistles and kazoos. Throw in a dash of improv and you’ve got a hilarious show of dumb jokes and smart alecks! Directed by David Flora, WATT? will be written and performed by Kirsten Hausman, Jodine Pahl, Emily Sharan, Annie Rijks, and Jimmy Utley.

Part of Firebird’s Comedy Writing Offerings


$10 – Adults
$5 – Kids (12 & under)

Age Range

All Ages


Sunday 10:00am
December 10


Queen of All Saints’ Parish Hall
403 Sopris Ave.
Crested Butte, CO 81224